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Project Case 2


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - 1st Floor Expansion

The existing Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at California Pacific Medical Center (California West campus) was consistently operating at capacity. That facility chose to completely demolish a neighboring outdated patient wing which was being used primarily for physician sleeping.

The space was remodeled to provide a second NICU that supported 10 additional isolettes with the capacity to handle 14 isolettes in case of emergency. The project included a quiet room and classroom for families, updated staff work areas, and an isolation room.

The finish requirements for the space were carefully researched, and acoustic tile ceilings were provided that found a balance between being washable and reducing noise. A quality rubber floor was also chosen to absorb sound and provide added comfort for walking, accommodating both the sensitive patients and hardworking staff.

Project plan

Central nurse station with butterfly flooring inlay

Updated patient bays

Multiple options for lighting levels, including natural light option

Quiet room for families