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  Tansy Bowermaster  

Tansy Bowermaster, AIA, ACHA

      Arba Stinnett  

Arba H. Stinnett, AIA
Founding Partner




We believe that SERVICE to our clients is of primary concern. Our clients invest in our knowledge, skill and judgment to produce results consistent with their needs. We achieve this with enthusiasm, efficiency and effective communication.

We value DESIGN EXCELLENCE through aesthetics that improve the patient experience, functionality that helps staff do their job well, and clarity for construction.

We believe in TEAMWORK. The firm as a whole must support the professional development and personal growth of each member of the firm. This is achieved through a positive, honest, and supportive team atmosphere.


Firm History


TSG was founded in 1985 by Arba Stinnett. Our firm has a disciplined focus on small to medium size healthcare projects ranging from small equipment replacements, to entire department remodels.

We currently have a team of four architects and four designers dedicated to finding solutions to our clients' renovation challenges. With every renovation, we strive to improve work flow for end users while also accommodating patient needs. Our California office specialize in OSHPD code and plan-check requirements, and we have developed a skill for describing healthcare remodel projects in a clear and organized way for any local jurisdiction. The majority of our work involves remodeling existing buildings. As a result, we have an understanding of the common problems that can arise while working in older buildings that were built under older codes.